Below you will find some common questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

Yes we realise this is a big claim, however we are confident to make it for the following reasons:

  • SEQH has been in business and operating since the early 1960's
  • We own our own land and equipment and therefore have control of our destiny
  • We have created and continue to develop superior systems to provide a consistent, high level of service to all customers big and small – no matter the size
  • Whilst we are a large company we still have the heart of a small family owned business. When our customers call, they speak with real people who will deal with the real issues
  • We strive to be a one stop shop for our customers and the services they require
  • We are innovators. In the early 2000's we pioneered the PBS approved A Doubles and were the first to devise and implement delivery wharf slotting

We operate a hub and spoke model so all containers come back to our depot prior to delivery to the customer. This exercise proves to be a much faster turnaround time for the customer. How? We use A Doubles to transport import and export shipping containers to and from the wharf. This means we can transport 2 x 40ft containers or 4 x 20ft containers at once.

We most certainly do. We have an SEQH depot in the heart of Toowoomba and use A Doubles to cart 20ft and 40ft containers between our Brisbane and Toowoomba depots. This makes light work of large volumes of containers. Additionally, having the base in Toowoomba enables us to extend our reach across the Darling Downs region at a greater frequency and pace.


Our application is in progress and we estimate to be fully licensed by mid 2022 if not prior. Currently we are a licensed 1.1 facility and offer Rural Tailgates, Fumigations, Quarantine Unpacks and Quarantine Washes.


This is not a speciality of ours however we do have some excellent contacts to refer you to.


Our primary business operates out of our two depots being Hemmant (Brisbane) and Toowoomba. We extend north to Bundaberg, South to Coffs Harbour and west to Roma. Further distances will be subject to the availability.


Our core business is geared towards commercial, industrial and various rural customers. The main concern for residential deliveries is:

  • Street access leading up to the property (many residential areas have not been developed to accommodate for large trucks)
  • The risk of damaging fences, posts and cracking driveways/pathways is very high due to the severe weight of the vehicle plus container combination
  • Low hanging power lines and trees