Sunny the Giraffe

In May 2019, SEQH had the pleasure of liaising with a series of professionals to assist in transport Sunny, the beautiful 17 month of giraffe. Sunny weighed in at approximately 400kg's and stood 3.40m tall. He was beautifully natured, calm and never shied away from food, water and pats when offered.

Sunny was loaded into a specially made, pre-constructed crate at a local Zoo in Queensland. Our task involved arranging the crane to safely lift and navigate through the zoo in order to be safely loaded onto the low loader. Due to the height and sensitivity of the job, we had front and rear pilots to manage the traffic as well as zoo carers and vets for the entire journey.

Upon arrival back to the SEQH Hemmant Headquarters, Sunny's crate (with Sunny inside) was carefully lifted off the low loader and straight onto the 20ft flat rack used for international shipping. With labour on standby ready to go, we secured the crate to the flat rack as well as Sunny's food for the journey. The marine surveyor then inspected the load before completing the VGM and then transporting Sunny into front and rear pilot escort again, down to the Port of Brisbane, specifically Patrick Brisbane Terminal.

Sunny was the last lift onto the vessel which was a pre-arranged under-hook lift. With many supporters by his side, Sunny was carefully lifted off the dock and onto the CMA CGM Coral bound for New Zealand. This is where the job ended for SEQH however we were eagerly awaiting updates throughout the course of his journey.

Upon arrival into New Zealand, Sunny had a 12 hour truck drive to his new home, Wellington Zoo. We were extremely pleased to hear the trip was successfully and Sunny showed positive behaviour signs the entire time. Sunny was slowly introduced to the Zoo before meeting his two new room mates.

You can keep an eye on Sunny by visiting the Welling Zoo's Facebook page or if you are ever in town, visit him directly at the Zoo.