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The Hemmant headquarters is positioned 10 minutes from the Port of Brisbane.

Brisbane Headquarters

68 Gosport Street
Hemmant QLD 4174

We’re across the road from the Queensport Tavern. 

Ph (07) 3823 7400

Container Bookings

FCL container bookings for existing customers.
Phone: (07) 3823 7432

Container Operations

SEQH Operations manage the daily movement of FCL shipping containers & break bulk freight.
Phone: (07) 3823 7434 – Day
Phone: (07) 3823 7436 – Night

Warehouse, Quarantine & 77G Customs Bonded

This department is responsible for our Warehouse, Quarantine 1.1 Services, 77G Bonded Services, Public Weighbridge, Abrasive Sand Distributors and Tiger Pack Australia.
Phone: (07) 3823 7441 - Warehouse
Phone: (07) 3823 7443 - Quarantine & Customs Bonded

Toowoomba Office

Lot 9 Crocker Court, Heinemann Road, Wellcamp, QLD, 4350

We’re behind Boral Concrete.

Ph 0401 141 910

General Enquiry

For a quote or general enquiry, please send us email using contact form below.

Brett Plummer

Managing Director

Owen Lange

General Manager

Nathan Craner

Deputy Managing Director