Export Chickpea in Full Swing

Efficient Export Packing


The export grain season is in full force! One of our customers which we have been servicing for many years will pack anywhere from 35-50 containers a day across 5, 6 and sometimes 7 days per week.

To keep up with this demand and assist in their own business development, we based one of our Container Handlers at their site many years ago which we maintain the service and up-time of the machine. By basing the container handler on their site, we (and our customer) have seen the following huge benefits:

  • Reduce the constraints around packing and loading trucks. We do not have trucks waiting onsite should packing be running behind. This is totally separated so neither of the two (transport vs packing) do not impact/influence one another.
  • Quicker packing – 15 minutes per container.
  • Pack more in a day – increased about 60% compared to previous model.
  • SEQH can collect anytime – day or night. We train our drivers to operate the container handler so they can jump in if the site is not manned.