Container deliveries 1,700km from the Port of Brisbane

Cloncurry Transmission Line


South East Qld. Hauliers were called upon for urgent assistance in October 2016, after the fall of a national heavy haulage transport company. The task required was to collect import 40ft shipping containers from the Port of Brisbane wharf and deliver these to Cloncurry which is positioned approx. 1,700km from the POB.

Prior to the fall of the previous carrier, these containers were being delivered as doubles. At the time of engagement with this opportunity, it was clear to us (SEQH), that we could perform this task faster and more efficiently. Given we operate under mass management, we were able to cart these on triple road trains.

We would collect the 40ft containers¬†from the POB, hub them in our Hemmant depot then transport via A Doubles to our Toowoomba depot. We would run doubles out to Roma and then do a switch and run triples for the remaining distance. From Roma to Cloncurry, that’s approx. 1,225km PLUS the return so it’s well worth the switch! We would arrive to site with two road trains loaded with 6 x 40ft shipping containers. This had the following benefits:

  • Operating more efficient and cost effective.
  • By getting more containers to site at once, you can set up your unpacking equipment/cranes and achieve more per set up.
  • Getting the containers to site faster means getting containers back and de-hired faster – therefore, minimising the risk of additional charges to shipping lines.













From October to the end of November 2016, we delivered 37 x 40ft open top shipping containers. We’ve had a recent import shipment¬†of 11 x 40ft SOC (shipper owned containers), which we will deliver when the site re-opens in the new year which will finish off the import component of the project.