Are you SOLAS ready?

Are you SOLAS ready?Фазан

With the worldwide legislation for export containers changing, as of the 1st of July onwards, all export containers will need their gross mass verified prior to exportation. There is a chain of responsibility for all involved however the underlining responsibility comes back to the shipper.

South East Queensland Hauliers has a registered Public Weighbridge at our main office in Hemmant to ensure any bulk load out or intake is recorded with NMI mandated accuracy. Our Public Weighbridge spans 28.5m in length so we can weigh anything from a box trailer to an A Double (weighing up to 80 tonnes).

Our Public Weighbridge Dockets can also be used for registering a caravan, car or trailer.

Weighbridge: $30 + GSTavailable to the general public and external carriers.

SEQH Transport & Weighbridge: $55 + GSTincl. service & deviation (reduced from $85 + GST).

For SEQH customers, once the tare and gross weigh has been completed, you will receive a PDF docket emailed to you within 30-60 minutes between the hours of 7am-4pm, Monday-Friday (excluding public weighbridge).

-SEQH SOLAS Public Weighbridge SEQH