Vehicles and Equipment

SEQH has a variety of different truck, trailer and equipment models that allow us to deal with a variety of cargo types. Below is a list of our truck and trailer types to give you an idea of the kinds of cargo they can carry.

A-Double Road Train

Loaded A Double from the front

We pioneered the transport industry in the early 2000’s when creating the A Double Road Train. Our A Doubles span the length of 29.95m and can cart up to 85 tonne gross under our mass management permit. These will carry 4 x empty 20ft containers or 2 x full 20ft containers / 2 x full 40ft containers.


B Double Trailer

A B Double can transport 3 x empty 20ft containers / 1 x 40ft & 1 x 20ft container. Typically our B Doubles are used within our fleet to transport empty containers to and from the empty parks.

Side Loader (Swing Lift)

Side Loader lifting a container

Across our fleet we have various models; Swinglift, Hammar and Steel Bro. Our preference and most reliable model has been the Swinglift. These side loaders are used to deliver/collect containers to/from customer sites that require containers to be dropped on the ground for packing/unpacking. Standard trailers are used on sites where loading docks are available and/or if there are cranes onsite to lift on/off the shipping container(s).

Tipping Skel

Tipping Skell with container tipped

We have 3 tipping skels based at our depot in Hemmant which are very useful in a variety of scenarios. The tipping skel is excellent for handling bulk product such as cattle feed, pig iron, road base, waste, fertilizer etc. As we have a quarantine facility license and a bulk tipping area we get a great utilisation out of these special trailers. This also becomes handy for deliveries to customer sites when such a specialist piece of equipment is required.

Bulk Tippers

Bulk Tipping Truck from the front

Bulk Tippers have the capacity to tip their trailer up on an angle to make emptying of bulk contents easier.

Container Handlers

Container Handler loading truck

We have 4 Container Handlers at our Hemmant depot plus 1 Reach Stacker and an Empty Container Handler. At our Toowoomba depot we have 2 Container Handler’s and another one that resides at a customer site full time. The Container Handlers are a valuable and essential piece of equipment to our business as they enable us to handle a large quantity of containers and do this more efficiently. We also have our own technicians that maintain this equipment and respond to any urgent requirements/breakdowns across the various sites that these handlers are based.

Front End Loaders

Our Front End Loader is predominantly used within our warehouse department for bulk movements within our yard as well as bulk load outs into tippers. These are articulated machines which assists when working in confined areas as it increases the capability of the exercise due to the manoeuvrability of the machine. We also use the Front End Loader when packing/unpacking containers that have heavy equipment in them to either push in/pull out which therefore increases our service capabilities to our customers.


Several forklifts lined up

Our Forklifts are predominantly used within our warehouse department to unpack/packing shipping containers, load/unload trucks and to move stock around in the yard. Our workshop department also utilise the forklifts when servicing equipment; most commonly when shifting heavy equipment or using the man cage to service areas that are off the ground and out of reach.